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Tool Cabinets US

SKU: 512834, 512835, 512836, 512837, 512838 & 512839

A colorful limited edition heavy duty roller cabinet with 2 tons load capacity and over 450 liters of storage space!

Classic Car Catalytic Converters

SKU: 506107 & 506108

A catalytic converter that works for carburetor engines – specially developed for classic cars with no injection or oxygen sensor requirements.


Panel Beating & Body Work by Bengt Blad

SKU: 505189

The book consists of two parts with almost 1500 pages of reader-friendly text and many illustrations that provides a summary of more than 40 years of work on collector and racing cars.

Surface Conditioning Tool

The perfect tool for paint and rust removal, rough cleaning, grinding, satin, matting and polishing of stainless steel, wood and other materials.

Hydraulic Tip Girl

A favourite from the 60’s is back! With this hydraulic lift you get the best possible access to the car’s undercarriage.